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Birthday Party Programs

Invite Echoes Of Nature to your child’s next birthday party for an enriching, enjoyable, and educational experience. The birthday child will receive a t-shirt included with the program.


Select 4 or 5 animal ambassadors, or give us a theme and we will select the species to fit in your special day. 


Check the Animal Ambassador page for a partial list of our current ambassadors.

Instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat we 

bring the rabbit out to meet the audience.

Information and Pricing:

Duration: Programs run approximately 45 to 60 minutes depending on group size and participation

Pricing: $230.00; there may be a driving fee of $25.00-$35.00 if your location is beyond a 20 mile radius from our location or out of state. Prince Georges' and Anne Arundel counties do not have this fee. (We cannot do programs in DC.)

For additional questions, animal ambassador availability and making a reservation, please email at

Information Needed:
  1. Name and age of birthday child

  2. Date and time for the program (Recommend the program begin at least 30 minutes after the start of the party to allow guests to arrive.)

  3. Theme of party if any

  4. Birthday child t-shirt size (youth XS, S, M, L)

  5. List of 4 animal and 3 backups (some individuals might by already booked or otherwise not available)

  6. Number of party favor ambassador footprints if desired at $3.50 each

  7. Address of party

  8. Billing address if different

  9. Age range of audience

  10. Phone number

  11. Phone number for the day of the party if different

  12. e-mail to use for sending reservation information

  13. Approximate number of children (typically up to 20 but can accommodate more)

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