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EON Virtual Nature Programs Live!

We are providing a variety of live virtual programs to fit the audiences needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

What audiences do we serve?

  • Early Childhood Centers

  • Home Daycare

  • Home Schools/Groups

  • Schools (year-round)

  • Summer Camps

  • Social Clubs

  • Adult Centers

  • Families

  • Basically everyone!

What program themes are available?

  • Virtually all our programs listed here except for those listed as “Lab-style”.

  • We can customize a program for you!

How long do the programs run?

  • The duration depends on the theme/title selected, the audience (age, size, etc.), and your request.

  • Program range from 15 minutes to multiple hours in length for camp-style.

What platforms do we use for our presentations?

  • Currently we use Zoom for our live programs.

  • Inquire about other options.

When are programs provided?

  • We provide programs year-round, throughout the week, and typically from 8am to 6pm.


More information will be added soon.

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