Summer 2020 Enrichment Programs

Each Summer Echoes Of Nature changes up its lineup of three programs.

For 2020 we are pleased to offer:

Animal Olympics

We're having our own Animal Olympics show to celebrate the Summer 2020 Olympics. Of our animal ambassadors, who has the record for the high jump, speed or agility? Participants will also try to best the record for the animal chosen for the high jump, broad jump and more.


Amazing Adaptations
What helps an animal climb, fly, live in the water or live on land? Will those adaptations help that animal in a different habitat?  Learn how amazing adaptations help an animal survive! Join us as we learn about some animal ambassadors’ amazing adaptations and transform some of our audience.

Fairy Tale Animals
We are familiar with the heroes/heroines/villains of many fairy tales. Some of these characters are animals. But there are also animal sidekicks and characters that add to the richness of the stories. Let’s meet a few of these fairy tale animals.



Contact us today about pricing and program details.

Shown here are some amazing Maryland native species, which through our programs and ambassadors we hope to protect!

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