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After School Programs

Echoes of Nature provides after school nature themed programs that come to your facility.


Duration: 45 minutes to an hour long


Grade Range: preK-K, K-3, and 1-3.


Frequency: Sessions meet once a week on the selected day for 4-8 weeks per session.


Availability: Fall, winter and spring sessions.


Class size: minimum 8; maximum 15 (exceptions are possible but must be approved of first.)

Most sessions have a different live animal ambassador that comes out for the topic of that week. All programs have activities, games and crafts that relate to that day’s topic.

Volunteer aide requested: this is a great way for your older students to earn those community service hours required by the schools. They would be of great help with set up, break down, monitoring, and assisting the teacher. Anyone interested must enjoy working with younger children and don’t mind live animals.

Program session titles

Nature club:

This is the “main” program. For the preK to K grades the programs rotate every 2 years so the child does not see the same program twice. For the K to 2 or 1 to 3, the programs rotate through a 3 year cycle. (We can also do grades K to 3.)

Bugs and Such:

We will explore different types of "bugs" and have close up encounters with live ones. We will separate the “bugs” into their actual groups. How and where do they live? How are they adapted to live in different environments? We will also have crafts and activities.

Dino session:

We will meet with some living fossils that were around before, during and after the dinosaurs. We will also talk about certain dinosaurs and learn some cool facts while we explore through activities and crafts. Come be a paleontologist with us!

Endangered species:

Did you know that Maryland has endangered and threatened plants and animals? What are some of them? What are some of the endangered species from around the world? Let’s meet a few of these animals and learn why they are having trouble in the wild. Let’s discover ways that we can make a difference.

Special Note:
If you think another topic session would be of interest or a special topic for one of the days to coordinate with something going on at school, just ask.

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