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Adult Center Programs

Looking for an extracurricular activity to come to your facility?  Look no further!  Echoes Of Nature presents fun-filled, live animal oriented programs that are sure to be entertainingly educational. We accommodate the full spectrum of care from independent living to nursing care, including memory care. We make Environmental Education engaging and fun for all ages.

Information and Fees:

Duration: Programs run approximately 35-45 minutes depending on group size and participation

Audience Size: 60 maximum

Pricing: We work with each facilities budget in order to reach as many seniors as possible so contact us today to find out.

Frequency: Book us for a single event or multiple presentations throughout the year (monthly, bi-monthly, or twice a month). Each presentation will be a different theme throughout the year.

If you are planning a family day event, we also provide meet and greet type programs, see Community Events for details.

Sample Programs Include:

Creepy Crawlies

0, 2, 4, 6, 8 who do we NOT appreciate? Are bugs driving you batty? Take a moment  and find out which creepy crawlies are the "good guys" and find out why the "bad guys" are important too.

Dancing With the Animal Stars

Who likes to dance? We dance for many reasons. Why do animals dance? Let's meet some "dancing' animals and discover their reason to dance. Music included.

Jurassic Jaunt

Come on an exciting trip to the past where we follow a baby dinosaur. Meet and learn some real live living fossils that would have been around in the dinosaur world.

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Animal feet (or lack of) are designed to help animals stay safe, travel, acquire food.  We will look at different types of feet adaptations with the audience.

Love is in the Air OR Hit & Miss relationships

February is the time to think of Valentines, cupids, chocolate, flowers and love.  In the animal world, “love” has many strategies as the goal is totally reproduction and the continuation of the next generation.

Spring Colors

We will show off some spring animals and their colors, then talk about each of them.  We will also listen to some of our native frog species.

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Celebration Earth Day

Learn what “Earth day” may have meant to people in the past and what it means to us today.  What are some everyday things everybody can do to help our earth.  We will share some animals and learn how people’s impact on the earth may affect them. See how various animals fit in the "Circle of Life" to leave no trace upon the earth.

Burrowing Animals

Who makes their home underground or in crevices?  What is the benefit of having a burrow?  Find out who hunts prey in their burrows and who might use that burrow later.

Hunting 4 a Square Meal

How does a predator catch its food? Do you think it is easy or hard to find and catch a meal?  Meet a few of these hunting masterminds to find out how they hunt and just how effective it is.

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Nocturnal Creatures

Who goes bump in the night, while we sleep? Meet some of these nocturnal animals. What adaptations allow these animals to find food and stay safe at night?

Movie Goof Ups

Taking a look at some movies and TV programs with animals (aside from the talking critters), to see if the animals are portrayed with any accuracy?  What do the movie or TV makers do to the animals to make them seem so bad?  What interesting facts about the animals make them special?

Beat the Cold

How do you deal with the cold when it’s freezing outside?  How do animals beat the cold?  Let’s examine some of the different strategies and meet some live animals.

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