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Bucky & Cottonball

  • Lagomorphs, not rodents

  • Eastern cottontails are their wild cousins

  • Herbivores

  • Lagomorphs are one of the oldest mammalian groups

ferrets cuddling 4.jpeg

Domestic Ferrets

Buddy & Henry

  • Domesticated over 2500 years ago in Europe

  • Extremely flexible spine with 44 vertebrae

  • Distant relative of Black footed ferret, one of North America's most endangered mammals

  • Mustelid family (MD has 5 mustelid species)

VA Opossum 1.jpeg



  • North America's only marsupial

  • Prehensile tail useful as safety line, but not to sleep hanging upside down

  • Omnivore with varied diet

  • 4 opposable thumbs

Smokey 8.jpeg


Ben, Smokey, & Max

  • Herbivores

  • Critically endangered in the wild

  • In the rodent family

  • Extremely soft fur with about 50 hairs per follicle

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