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Ferrets: Buddy & Henry


Buddy came to Echoes of Nature from the SPCA in 2016, after he had ingested rubber and needed corrective care. He is now an older ferret but still enjoys roughhousing with his "brother", Henry. He is definitely the sleepier of the pair, and loves naps. He often sleeps through car rides to programs and only wakes upon being lifted from his travel box. Buddy is a crowd favorite, often winning the love of audiences by showing off his flexibility and curious demeanor. 

Henry was adopted from Prince George’s county Animal Management division in 2016, when he was only one year old. His dark fur distinguished him from his "brother", Buddy, who has a lighter brown color to him. He is very playful and loves to spend his mornings in his playpen where he chases and pounces on Buddy. Henry is very curious and when on program likes to smell everyone he meets, a ferret’s way of saying hello! When he is not out and about, Henry is sleeping in crazy positions, boggling the mind of any staff member that sees him. 

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