When Animals Come Calling 

Many believe that to see wildlife you need to live in a forest
or maybe near a marsh.
Perhaps if you lived in the mountains

or near a stream?

What if you followed that stream to the ocean?
Of course there are the domestic dogs and cats all around us.

But, believe it or not you can find wildlife in a wider range of 
environments than you thought possible. As undeveloped land shrinks

nature has moved into our urban backyards and even cities.
Many of us, particularly gardeners, are familiar with snails

and Caterpillar.

But how many of us have seen a wild fox?

How about actually seeing a skunk instead a smelling 
one that has been hit by a car?

Of course, with their mobility, birds have an easier time 
moving about our dangerous neighborhoods.

If you are lucky, you may even spot an owl
as it goes about its' nocturnal hunting!

Another predator bird is our national symbol, the Bald Eagle.
Thanks to conservation efforts this majestic bird is making a come back.

If you live near a pond or some other body of water you
may spot a Great Blue Heron looking for a meal.

This bird shares the water with a variety of turtles,

including snapping turtles.

However, as we claim more land for development the animals 
will be under increased pressure to adopt to our presence or die out.

So next time you are enjoying a beautiful sunset
remember all of the other living creatures out there sharing it with you.