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Falling Into Something New

Welcome to our new blog! With the arrival of a new season we are eager to start something new. Below you can find some festive activities appropriate to the changing season.

Leaves can be fun and educational regardless of the season. Here are a few ideas for games children can play with leaves.

  • Leaf Match Up: Match up leaves by shape, size or color. Want to set up a science discovery center with leaves, especially for rainy days? Collect leaves as a group on nice days. Set some aside for them to observe what happens to the leaves as they dry out. If you want to save the leaves as long as possible, press the leaves and then enclose them in clear contact paper or laminate them.

  • Tree and Leaf Identification: Don’t know the names of the trees? That’s okay. Check out the library or online for tree guides in your area. You and your child can learn together. But first, be a tree and leaf detective by matching the fallen leaves to the trees that still have leaves. This game will help children be observant to their surroundings, as well as help them focus. As you walk and explore, you can tell them the name of the trees or plants in a fun way. Even if they don’t seem to pay attention or recall it that day, over time of playing this game you will notice that they do remember.

  • Be A Tree: Observe a tree in the neighborhood. How do the branches go? Strike a pose like the tree. Find a different tree and repeat. Great for dramatic play.

Run through the leaves. Catch falling leaves. Enjoy all the colors and have fun outside.

Below are a few examples.

Leaves left to right: Sassafras, Red Bud, Red Maple, Willow Oak and Tulip Poplar


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