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Chinchilla: Ben, Smokey, & Max

Smokey 8.jpeg

Smokey is one of our newer ambassadors at Echoes of Nature. He was adopted after being surrendered by his first owners. He is very social and loves to cuddle against our staff members while they give him a plethora of chin scratches. Smokey is happiest when he is eating parsley and getting loved by somebody. His soft fur makes him a crowd favorite at programs, and for good reason!

Ben is our oldest chinchilla and he is a big sweetheart. He spends his days jumping from level to level in his cage, taking lots of dust baths, and eating treats. He enjoys going to programs and showing off his beautiful fur for all different audiences. He and Max share an enclosure and spend most of their day cuddled together on top of their dust bath


Max is one of our newest ambassadors. He was adopted after his owner left for college and needed to find him a new home. Max loves running on his wheel and munching on treats. He is easy to tell apart from our other chinchillas because he has dark gray, almost black, fur.

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