Summer 2017 Programs

Australian Walk About
Walk with us around Australia. Meet some native Australian animals and one that has been introduced.

Armored Animals
Who is built like a tank?  Who looks like an inedible pincushion?   Who looks like a tin can on a horse?  Some animals are built for defense to protect themselves not only from predators, but also the world around them.  Meet some of the armored animals and learn how they use that armor in the wild.

Animal Homes: To Build or Not To Build
What kind of homes do animals build? Or do some move into ready made homes? Do some even use a ‘home’? Let’s find out and meet some live animals and find out about their homes.

Prices: $160.00 for one 45 minute or two 20 minute programs. Additional same day program discount. Driving fee of $25 for locations beyond 20 mile distance. There may be an additional driving fee if outside our normal 8 counties of operation.

For more information and reservations, please call 301-860-1306 or email us at