Summer 2013 Programs

Goin' On A Bug Hunt

We're going on a bug hunt. What will we find? Where will we find them? How will we get there? Let's learn some cool, fun facts about these bugs or other creatures that we find along the way. Come along and have a great journey with us!

What's For Lunch

Do animals have a favorite food? How do they find their food and how do they eat? We will explore the answers to those questions as we discover what's for lunch.

Amazing Adaptations 

What helps an animal climb, fly, live in the water or live on land? Will those adaptations help that animal in a different habitat? Learn how amazing adaptations help an animal survive! Join us as we learn about some animal ambassadors' amazing adaptations and transform some of our audience.

Prices: $140 for one 45 minute or two 20 minute programs. Additional same day program discount. Driving fee of $25 for locations beyond 20 mile distance. 

For information and reservations, please call 301-860-1306 or email us at