Enriching your Special Event with Echoes Of Nature!

What can a program from Echoes of Nature do for my Festival, Community Function or other Special Event?

Simple, we can bring a touch of nature to your function that will enhance the occasion by bringing animals up close! For your special occasion why not invite a special group of animals over for a meet and greet? People can touch the critters, depending on the species, ask questions about it and learn some fun facts about its natural history. If possible the topics and types of animals can be designed to meet your function's theme. These programs are fun for all ages.

Here are some sample themes available:

* Animals of Maryland

* International Animals

* Feared Friends (great for Halloween type occasions)

* Backyard Habitats

The presentation can be designed as either:

* A 30 to 45 minute program in one location, with multiple programs over a period of time.

* A table presentation where people could "float" by and don't feel obligated to stay. In this case, depending on the time determined, the animal(s) will be brought out and/or displayed on the table to encourage people's interest. Crafts for children can be available, as well as information pamphlets to take home.

Call for more information or to book a program.