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We provide fun nature oriented educational programs featuring live animal ambassadors to schools, day care centers
, adult centers, birthday parties and community events throughout the Washington, DC metro area of Maryland.

The school age programs are aligned with the Maryland state curriculum so they complement the material covered by the classes for which they are designed. These program themes cover a wide range of environmental literacy topics and STEM principles.

Our animal ambassadors come from around the world, with a concentration on those species native to Maryland. Most of these individuals have been adopted from rescues and shelters. 

Our mission is to show people of all ages the wonders of wildlife. If you would like your group to come face to face with a red-tail hawk, opossum, red footed tortoise, or any of our 80+ ambassadors, just give us a call or send an email.

We bring nature to you!

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We are looking to hire a Part-time Instructor, check "Join Our Crew" for details.

We Are Working On Creating A Wildlife Discovery Center
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making a tax deductible donation through PayPal link below. All funds go towards supporting the animal ambassadors and educational programs.

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  • Use smile.amazon.com when making purchases on Amazon and select Echoes Of Nature as the organization you wish to support. It is Amazon so all of your account information is there and it won't cost you extra!
  • Adding your name to our support list for the creation of a wildlife discovery center
  • Volunteering
  • Becoming a member
please email muzzo@EchoesOfNature.org

The mission of Echoes Of Nature is to bridge the gap between people of all ages and nature. The goal is to promote understanding and stewardship of the natural world. We believe in the principle that feeling a connection to the natural world is critical to conservation. By engaging in close, sensory experiences with live animals, the audiences’ connections are strengthened.

Federal employees can support us through

CFC # 19998

Our latest program lineup can be found from the links on the left.

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