Q: What kind of organization is Echoes Of Nature?
A: Echoes Of Nature is a Not For Profit environmental education organization.

Q: What kind of programs does Echoes Of Nature provide?
A: We provides nature oriented programs covering a variety of themes. These themes cover different aspects of the natural world with a concentration on Maryland. Most of the programs feature live animal ambassadors which bring the programs to life.

Q: How long are the programs?
A: The length depends on the type of program and the age of the audience. There are 20 minute programs for the very young crowd. The majority of the programs are 45 minutes long. Birthday parties and assembly (large groups) are 45 minutes to an hour depending on audience participation. The nature tables depend on the length of the event which can be from 2 to 8 hours.

Q: Does Echoes Of Nature have a center we can visit?
A: Unfortunately not at this time, although we are working on establishing a nature discovery center that will be open to visitors. Please consider booking programs and donating to make this vision a reality.

Q: Does Echoes Of Nature have permits for their animal ambassadors?
A: Yes. We have all required permits at the county, state and federal levels for all ambassadors.

Q: Does the animal ambassadors have their vaccinations?
A: Yes. It should be noted that of the ambassadors,vaccinations exist for only the ferrets.

Q: Does a driving fee apply to our location?
A: Maybe. Locations within Anne Arundel and Prince George's counties do not have a driving fee. For other locations please call to find out.

Q: Where do the animal ambassadors come from?
A: The majority of the animal ambassadors are adopted from shelters, rescues or rehab facilities. Most were unwanted pets or wild animals who could not be released due to injury or imprinting.

Q: Are the animals pets and do they have names?
A: No and No. Although many of them could be found in the pet trade they are "working" animals that are accustomed to being presented to audiences.  They do not have pet names and are refer to by their species, such as "Ambassador Rabbit", etc.

Q: How long has Echoes Of Nature been in existence?
A: Echoes Of Nature started in July of 2002.

Q: Is there a charge for the programs?
A: Yes. We receive no government support and are totally reliant upon our program fees. The prices vary depending on the type of program and can be found on the brochure or on the web page listing said program.

Q: Are animals featured in every program, how many and which kinds?
A: Almost all programs feature 3 to 5 animal ambassadors. The exceptions include "Microscope Pond Life" and "Earth Crust Layers" programs. In most cases the species are selected based on the theme of the programs. For birthday parties, the client can select from a wide variety of ambassadors.

Q: What kinds of animal ambassadors?
A: We have over 65 ambassadors which include mammals, snakes, lizards, turtles, birds, amphibians and invertebrates.