Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of organization is Echoes Of Nature?
Echoes Of Nature is a Not For Profit organization and an informal education provider.

What kind of programs does Echoes Of Nature provide?
We provides nature oriented programs covering a variety of themes. These themes cover different aspects of the natural world with a concentration on Maryland.

How long are the programs?
The length depends not only on the type of program but also the age of the audience. There are 20 minute programs for the very young crowd. The majority of the programs are 45 minutes long. Birthday parties and assembly (large groups) are 45 minutes to an hour depending on audience participation. The nature tables depend on the length of the event which can be from 2 to 8 hours.

How much does a program cost?
The price for most of the programs can be found on the upper right corner of the program flyer. The latest program flyers can be found from the links located on the left sidebar.

Where do you acquire the animals?
The majority of the animal ambassadors are adopted from shelters, rescues or rehab facilities. Many are ones that could be found in the pet trade and others are wildlife that can no longer live in the wild for a variety of reasons.

Are the animals pets and do they have names?
Even if the animal ambassador could be a pet and may have been one prior to life with Echoes Of Nature, these animals are not pets.  They are now "working" animals that are worked with to be comfortable presented to audiences.  They do not have pet names.  We call them our ambassadors and may refer to them as "Ambassador Rabbit", etc.

How long has Echoes Of Nature been in existence?
Echoes Of Nature started in July of 2002 with Echo handling everything. We have now grown to include 4 part time employees and serve much of Maryland.

Does Echoes Of Nature have a facility that can be visited?
At this time we are not set up for visitors and all programs are provided at the client's or a third party location. However, we are trying to establish a nature education facility that will be open to the public.

What would be the benefit of a nature education facility?
The facility will allow us to expand our collection of animal ambassadors, number of employees, exhibits featuring ambassadors and programs that cannot be conducted on the road.