Echoes Of Nature: Summer 2011 Programs

This summer we are pleased to present the following programs:
  • Animal Incognito
Many animals are masters of disguises. People are pretty good at it too, but we learned it from the animals by watching and learning about them. Let’s explore the world of color warning, camouflage and chemical defense and meet a few of these masters.
  • Dancing with the Animal Stars
Who likes to dance? We dance for many reasons. Why do animals dance? Let’s meet some “dancing” animals and discover their reason to dance.
  • Australian Walkabout

    Walk with us around Australia. What animals and plants might we find as we go on a walk about? Meet some native Australian animals and one that has been introduced.
Download the Summer Brochure Below!
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Echo Uzzo,
Jan 18, 2011, 5:28 PM