Birthday Party Programs 
Presented by Echoes Of Nature 

Looking for something different for your child's special day? 
Worried about how to entertain a house full of kids in the time between the cake and presents? 

Well, you're in luck because you found a solution right here! 

Instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat we 
bring the rabbit out to meet the audience. 

Instead of a twisting balloons into animal shapes we show how a ferret 
can twist it body in incredible ways to travel through tunnels. 
These are just a few of the possibilities available with an Echoes of Nature birthday program. 

Does your child have a favorite animal or type of animal? 
With a selection of frogs, 
and a host of snakes, 
these ambassadors will bring the wonders of nature to your home! 

After the animals have made their appearance, the fun doesn't 
stop there. We wrap up the program with a nature themed game. 
The type of game would vary according to the age of the children, 
space available, etc. 

If the party has a theme or if you would like 
your Echoes of Nature program to have one, such as 
"Animals From Around The World", please let us know. 

Potential Party Themes
The programs below have many different options. We try for a variety. You are
welcome to make requests.
Warm and Fuzzy: 
Meet our four warm and fuzzy ambassadors. What do
they eat? Where do they live? Find out some fun facts and meet them up close.
(usually this is for the 2-3yr olds.)

Creature Powers:
What creature powers would you like if you could have a creature power suit? Meet some of our ambassadors and discover their super creature powers that help them survive in the wild. Variety of animal ambassadors are available.

Animals In my Backyard: 
Who lives in our backyards? Meet some of our
native animals. Have you seen any of them in your yard? Variety of native
animal ambassadors are available.

Animals Around the World: 
Let's hop on a plane or boat and visit different
continents. Wonder what kinds of animals we'll find. Variety of animal
ambassadors are available from different continents. Note: also have used this
theme in conjunction with 'Animal Planet' birthday theme, as well as Diego and

Creepy Crawlies: 
The animals that the animals that make you go oooh! These
animals have a bad rep, but really aren't so bad. Let's find out why. Choose
from: Hissing cockroach*, tarantula, scorpion, millipede*, tail less whip
scorpion, snake*, rat* Please ask about seasonal or native bugs that may be
available as well. (Note that the (*)denotes touchable animals; children must be
5 yrs to touch the snake)

Hurray for Herps: 
Reptiles and Amphibians. Snake, turtle, lizard, frog/toad,
salamander/newt (if available). Meet a few of the animals from the herptile
world. Ask which ambassadors would work for your party. We have a list from
which to choose.

The Need for Speed: 
(went along with HotWheels theme) turtle, rabbit, snake,
bug. Topic: why do animals need to be fast? Which animals do you think are
fast? Share different "speedy" animals as well as one that's not so speedy. Share
a version of 'tortoise and the hare' story.

Prehistoric Party: 
Meet with living fossils (animal ambassadors) that would
have been around with the dinosaurs. See models of life size T-rex tooth,
grallator footprint, others. *For additional fee: Take home goodie: Be a
paleontologist and unearth your own dinosaur.

Animals of Harry Potter: 
Meet some animal ambassadors that are shown in the
movies or books. Possibilities: Screech owl, rat, ferret, snake, bearded dragon, toad

Princess or Prince Island of Animals: 
Do you have a princess or a prince or
both? We have the animals to go along with her/him. Choose from a variety of
animals to make your princess’s or prince’s day!

The Little Pet Shop: 
Do you have a littlest pet shop owner? We have the life
size animal ambassadors to match. Choose from a variety of animal ambassadors.

Rainforest Safari: 
Let's go on a rainforest safari and discover different animals.
Where are they found in the rainforest? (This one also ties in well with Diego or
Dora themes.) Other Safari themes: Desert, Wet and Wild

None of these fit? 
If you have other theme ideas, we may be able to design one
for you or adapt an existing theme.

Additional information needed: 
Name and age of birthday child:
Date and time of program part of party: (I suggest that guests be there for a little bit so no one misses out)
Theme of party:
Birthday child T-shirt size: choose from Y: XS, S, M, L
Animals requested:
Party Favors (animal footprint ornaments): Number___
Address of party location:
Billing address if different from above:
Age range:
Phone number:
Fax or email address for reservation information to be sent: Approximate number of participants and the Number of birthday participants: up to 20; if more, just ask.
Party will take place: Indoor, outdoor or both

When: during the week or the weekend.
Time frame: work within the time you need. Please allow time for guests to
arrive prior to the program start time.
Length of programs: 45 minutes
Number of animals: 4-5 Animal Ambassadors.(Email us for potential ambassadors. We try our best to match the request, unless an animal is in shed or under vet treatment, etc. We will best match the requests, but there are no guarantees.)
Other parts of the program: 1-2 games or activities. These are dependent upon
space, weather, time, etc.

Stipulations: Children under 5 cannot touch the live reptiles and amphibians,
but they'll get to see them up close and be able to touch other biofacts and live
animals. We always aim to have a couple of touchable animal ambassadors for all birthday participants. Food cannot be eaten while we show the animals. This is for health reasons (both for the children and the animals).

Fees: $220.00; there may be a driving fee of $25.00-$35.00 if your location is beyond a 20 mile radius from our location or out of state. Prince Georges' and Anne Arundel counties do not have this fee. (We cannot do programs in DC.)
For additional questions, animal ambassador availability and making a reservation, please email at