Echoes Of Nature : Adult Outreach 

Looking for an extracurricular activity to come to your facility?  Look no further!  Echoes Of Nature presents fun-filled, animal oriented programs that are sure to be entertainingly educational.

Information and Fees

Length of SessionPrograms run approximately 35-45 minutes depending on group size

Number of Participants: 60 maximum

Pricing: We work with your budget so give us a call or an email.

Animals of Kung Fu

Kung Fu and other martial art masters observed nature for inspirations of the katas or forms for their disciplines. Meet some animal ambassadors whose moves inspired the katas of the martial arts. Learn some of the moves named after these animals.  Discover how these animals survive in their wet world.  What would you need to live in their world?

Splish, splash, I was taking a bath....

Diving, splashing, water or sand... animals have different methods of getting clean. Meet some of our animal ambassadors and learn about the dirt not on them.

Going on a Bug Hunt

We’re going on a bug hunt. What will we find? Where will we find them? How will we get there? We’re going on a bug hunt. Once we find them, let’s learn some cool, fun facts about these bugs. Come along and have a great journey with us!

Loco For Locomotion

Leaping, flying, crawling are just some of the ways that animals move.  Explore with us as we see live animals and show how they are crazy for locomotion.

Not On The Menu Today

How does prey get away from predators? Evade, hide, good timing and more. Join us in learning how these animals escape being lunch and meet a few of these escape artists.

Hunting 4 A Square Meal

How does a predator catch its food? Do you think it is easy or hard to find and catch a meal? Meet a few of these hunting masterminds and find out how they hunt and how effective it is.

Animals of Maryland

What are some of your favorite animals of Maryland? Here is a chance to meet a few animals of Maryland and learn some neat facts and ask questions.

Beat the Heat

How do you “beat the heat” of summer? Animals also have ways to beat the summer heat. Meet some live animals and discover how these animals and others keep cool.

What’s For Lunch?

Do you have a favorite food? Animals also have favorite foods. Do you think you would like to eat their food? Meet some live animals and find out what is for their lunch.

Follow That Dino!

Come on an exciting trip to the past where we follow a baby dinosaur. Meet and learn about some real live living fossils that would have been around in dinosaur world.

Animals In The Stars

Blast off on a journey to the animals of the stars. Meet some of these animals and learn in which constellation or asterism that they live. Hear starry tales of these special celestial animals.

Wet And Wild

Come on a water adventure with some truly wet and wild creatures. Discover how these animals survive in their wet world. What would you need to live in their world?

Animal Incognito

Many animals are masters of disguises. People are pretty good at it too, but we learned it from the animals by watching and learning about them. Let’s explore the world of color warning, camouflage and chemical defense and meet a few of these masters.

Animals From Around the World

Have you traveled to different places? Meet some animals from different parts of the world. Learn a bit about their habitats and natural history. Maybe they are from the places you have traveled.

A Walk in the Woods

Let’s go for a “walk” in the woods. What kind of animals might we see or hear? What might we find that used to belong to animals? Meet some live animals that would live in or around the woods. (This program can be modified to fit the season or a different habitat, such as rainforest, bay, etc. Ask about options.)

Critter Talk

How do animals talk to each other? What they are “saying“? Hear some animal calls and learn what is thought to be said. People throughout time have used animal calls and signals as a way to secretly talk. Meet some of these “talking” animals and maybe hear their special sounds.

Feared Friends

What animals are scary to you? Why do certain animals frighten people? Let’s take a look at some of these animals and discover reasons why they are more friend than foe.

Armored Animals

Who is built like a tank? Who looks like a tin can on a horse? Some animals are built for defense to protect themselves not only from predators, but also the world around them. Meet some of the armored animals and learn how they use their armor.

Dancing with the Animal Stars
Who likes to dance? We dance for many reasons. Why do animals dance? Let’s meet some “dancing” animals and discover their reason to dance.

Australian Walkabout

Walk with us around Australia. What animals and plants might we find as we go on a walk about? Meet some native Australian animals and one that has been introduced.

Additional programs may be available. Please call for updates or if you have a topic idea that you would like offered for your group. We are always interested in new ideas or topics that will be of interest to you and your residents.

 Also available is a meet and greet type program that is great for family day or other special occasions.