What are the Programs from Echoes of Nature Like?

The top ten reasons to book a program!

1: The programs are based natural science topics with the use of LIVE native and/or non-native animals, high interest demonstrations and biofacts.

2: Many of the animals are touchable and presented in a safe environment.

3: The programs provide a chance to supplement your curriculum or themes with exciting nature oriented presentations.

4: To provide change of pace and enrichment for children from 2 to 92 and beyond.

5: Active participation from the audience is encouraged.

6: A professional and knowledgable presenter conducts the program.

7: If none of the programs meet your need, we may be able to develop or adapt to accommodate you .

8: The programs are designed to be educational in an informal setting.

9: It's your in-house field trip.

10: Most importantly ... it's FUN!!